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rtopoleski 03-14-05 08:59 AM

Help in Choosing a New Bike!
I am going to get a new "comfort bike" and am trying to decide between 4 different bikes available in my area. I know very little in the differences between the bikes that make a difference, however I can tell you the prices I can get them for. They are as follows: Giant Sedona 19" ($290), Raleigh SC30 18" ($299), Fuji Cambridge 18" ($359), and Trek Navigator 300 18.5" ($399). Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! PS: I have a comparison spreadsheet of the 4 bikes that I could send you if it would help; just e-mail me at [email protected]ks again!

drroebuck 03-14-05 09:54 AM

I would take each one for a long test ride and see what feels best. Do a lot of shifting, braking, turning, etc., so you can really get a feel for the bike.

If you still can't tell the difference, then go with whatever looks best.

alanbikehouston 03-14-05 04:31 PM

Yes, ride the bikes before deciding. When you buy a new bike, the quality of the shop is a factor. All bikes need adjustments and tune-ups. When you buy from a good LBS in your own neighborhood, they will look after you and your bike, so your bike will always be in good, safe riding condition.

So, after riding the bikes, if you need a tie-breaker, the quality and proximity of the dealer is something to consider.

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