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moonwalker 01-09-14 01:04 PM

Looking for more info on bikejoring. We have a husky and malamute. This would tie in our passion for off road and working the dogs out.

Found some thru google but not much discussion.

no1mad 01-09-14 11:09 PM

Moved from User Assistance.

I tried to ride my bike with my dog on a leash once a couple of years ago... not sure I'd ever try it again.

Looigi 01-10-14 09:19 AM

Wow! Never heard of it but looks totally cool IMO. The part I'd be worried about is running over a dog.

bobthalamu 01-10-14 10:16 AM


I have raised 3 malamutes here in NC and while I have not done any bikejoring I have done a lot of running with my dogs and I will say that in your climate I would be very careful how much you tax them in temps above 60. Now that my eldest is now 12yo what I really want is build big frickin trailer to pull him behind my tourer.

cplager 01-10-14 01:14 PM

I personally wouldn't do it while on two wheels.

Now from a trike, I might consider it.

For example:

(In general, you want to be very careful with having the dogs in front of you in case they stop quickly. And, of course, you need to make sure to not over-work the dog.)

Looigi 01-11-14 08:28 AM

One dog can be a bit erratic, but with a team it kind of averages out. One can't just stop or dart off in another direction. A long bridle also gives time and distance to react.

moonwalker 01-11-14 10:23 AM

1 Attachment(s) would be a winter sport here only because of the temps. We have a air conditioned dog house for them when outside.

I have ordered this. Nothing is fool proof but it seems very cool and the best option to keep the line from tangling up in the front wheel.

itsmoot 01-11-14 12:15 PM

Try this search:

Here's a multi-page thread discussing it:

Google's results are biased towards selling you something.

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