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Newbie needs help and advice, has trust issues, and De Quervain's

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Newbie needs help and advice, has trust issues, and De Quervain's

Old 01-11-14, 02:31 PM
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Newbie needs help and advice, has trust issues, and De Quervain's

Newbie here, and I've got a lot of problems and nowhere else to turn. I am recovering from De Quervain's syndrome where my last bike left me very much damaged. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Quervain_syndrome Basically, its apparently a common issue and recoverable with time and therapy. I've spent the later half of last year getting my wrist strength back and I no longer have constant pain in my wrists. This is my first important point because it impacts everything else. I need to prevent this problem from occurring again.

I'm looking for a bike that can haul. Groceries or gear, it matters not. It needs to be sturdy and stable. We have seasons with gusting 40-50 mile winds and I'd like something that has enough mass that I can at least turn into the wind and power through it. I'm not looking for speed, I'm looking for comfortable ride under load. This initially sent me off along the lines of the Disk Trucker, and to the Troll/Ogre as well. I am hoping the bike geometries will allow me to keep the pressure off my wrists with the posture and/or handlebar setups (mustache bars?).

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1. Hand issues: I can't ride straight-bar bikes for more than a few miles without serious pain. I had to go with drop bars since they put my hands in a more supinated rather than pronated position and that has absolutely solved my problem. I don't necessarily recommend drop bars for everyone with hand problems since what works for me could very well exacerbate someone else's pain, I mention it to note than hand position can be a make-it-or-break-it deal. If you stick with straight-bars you can try ergon grips with bar-ends to offer your hands some relief. Many people with De Quervain or ulnar damage have found these to work.

2.Trust issues: sounds like you've had crummy luck with the people you've talked to. IMO a good shop with a good sales team should be listening to what you want and offering suggestions based on your needs. When you buy a bike from a shop you're not just buying the bike, you're also paying to keep the place in business and good shops know this and will bend over backwards to insure that you leave a satisfied customer. I don't think trying to convince someone to be on a payment plan, or trying to convince someone to get something they don't want are very good sales tactics and I'd be inclined to avoid such places.

You're right, "
Buying a bike should not feel like going to a used car lot." The Trek you have is actually a pretty versatile bike, you should be able to haul gear with it if you set it up to do so, but if it won't work for you then it won't work for you... In that case I'd keep shopping around for a good shop with good salespeople, and you'll know when you find it because they'll make you feel comfortable and at ease.
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Old 01-12-14, 08:00 AM
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^^^ 1. +1 Flat bars don't work for me and drop bars do, but that certainly doesn't apply to everybody.
^^^ 2. +1 It does sound like you've had bad luck. Among the 4 shops around here that I visit I'd have to say their pretty good with listening and being helpful, but it can depend on who you talk to in any given shop. Some employees can be hard-core enthusiasts who have a very narrow view and experience. The owner or older sales person may have broader knowledge and experience and might more helpful. I think you tend to run into more of the former in big shops and more of the latter in small shops.
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As far as fitting your bike you may want to read some stuff by Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles. His fit advice may be right up your alley.

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You might want to switch to a recumbent bike or trike.
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Until maybe 1965 or so most bikes in the USA had handlebars like this
Same story EVERYWHERE- China india people rode bikes because they HAD to for efficient cheap transportation.
Nice upright bars that are bent back toward the rider-so your hands wrists are in a "natural position"
Stand upright with your arms hanging at your side-bend your arms to 90 degrees in front of you(just move your forearms)
What is the position of your hands-?
The problem with flat bars isn't that they are flat-it is that they are more or less straight-forcing your hands into an unrelaxed position.
Now drops-closer to natural hand position-which is why more folks here find them comfortable
But riding in drops-makes you crane your neck up-which is why those brake levers that allow drop bar folks to NOT ride in the drops came about

Take a hint from 1 Billion Chinese-no flat bars-same story 1 billion Indians-only folks who DON'T actually need to ride bicycles use drops or flat straight bars- Those bars are fine if you are an actual racer- or serious MTB competitor
But foolish for folks riding for transportation-strictly an affectation-
But most folks here won't admit to that-and saddle threads-perineal pressure damage-even worse-saddles are not designed with male of female perineum damage in mind-ride upright on "butt bones" with nose down or with a HUGE cutout-hard to do in drops-

Oh well-good luck-dump flat straight bar-dump drop bar-get an upright bar with grip area bent back so hand position is relaxed.

Oh from my reading-the WHY of your problem-not settled-treatments corticosteroids, exercises surgery-not great-
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2) taking the single speed is god route
a theological choice?

De Quervain's syndrome where my last bike left me very much damaged.
quick Wiki read.. its a type of tendonitis from Over use like carpal tunnel .. from Keyboard writing ..

you must have been doing a Lot of Cycling .

have you consulted an Occupational therapist and such in the Medical Orthopedics Sector First?

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