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SpeedyStein 01-12-14 05:19 PM

Adventure Bikes?
Hey everyone, just looking for some thoughts on a few ideas. I currently ride a 1992 Cannondale M2000, and I love how versatile it is. Fully rigid, 21 speed with Deore XT and Ritchey components. Also ride a newer Marin Bobcat Trail hardtail... Nice bike, but I really got the itch for a full suspension bike. Problem is I only have so much room in the garage. I ride a lot of singletrack, and on separate rides, a lot of paved/fire roads. I also commute by bike a fair amount. So, here is my idea: sell the Cannondale, buy a full suspension bike for single track, then steal the parts off the Marin and build up a flat bar adventure tourer/commuter/fireroad roamer - basically what my Cannondale does now, but with more modern parts. Anyone have ideas on frames that would fit that idea... 26" wheel, disc brakes, fairly sturdy/tough, rigid fork, and rack/fender mounts. Only one I can think of is the Surly Troll... But looking for other ideas too... Thanks!

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