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Jackstraw42 01-13-14 03:50 PM

Advice needed: All-season waterproof rain shell - Sugoi Icon vs. Marmot Super Mica
Hey everone,
I'm looking for an all season waterproof rain shell. Will be worn on and off my bike in wet weather. Most of my rainy riding is just a short 3 mile commute, but I'd like to be sure that I can stay dry in at least a couple hours of moderate to heavy rain. Through some of my own criteria & deal hunting, I've narrowed it down to two options (one cycling specific, one not):
Sugoi Icon VS. Marmot Super Mica

Sugoi Icon
optional dropped tail (Though when not in use, magnets may have an issue keeping it in place)
some reflective details
stretchy as all hell
wind resistant
Sharp looking on and off a bike :thumb:
may be a wee bit heavy in the summer
? 2.5 layer "Majik Shell" fabric w/ a 10,000mm water column-Not familiar w/ this fabric, which is no longer Sugoi's flagship ?
Wasn't able to find any feedback on this jacket...y'all got any experience with this one?
Only a 1 year warrantee - WTF SUGOI?? Seems like everyone else backs their stuff for life...

Marmot Super Mica
This jacket is very light & Packable...9 oz!
Marmot Membrain Strata fabric w/ 20,000 water column - well known & well reviewed in the outdoorsy community
Jacket has received TONS of positive feedback
Marmot puts a lifetime guarantee on their products :D
Tail is slightly lower, but maybe not dropped enough to avoid tire splash
not really stretchy
no reflective details
protective patches for pack straps are a nice idea, but look a bit odd in person - still looks good tough...sorry, knit picking

So there we have it. Insights? Experiences with either jacket, but especially the Sugoi? Will a 20,000mm water column make a big difference for me over a 10,000mm?

Thank you for your help!

fietsbob 01-13-14 04:50 PM

neither a nor b but C
Own Neither , myself ..

Sugoi is a bike jacket, Marmot is a general purpose outerwear with a hood.

I when it Really Rains , get out my Rain Cape. (and hat) It's waterProof.

you have waterproof or breathable , but really not both ,
just the properties are closer to one than the other ..

.. waterproof is not breathable, to be breathable it cannot really be 100% water Proof.

unless it's snow, then it is solid not liquid.

the sci guy 01-13-14 09:17 PM

I just got this:
REI's Rainwall Jacket. I haven't had a chance to test it out as it just came in the mail today. But it's got a fantastic fit, the hood is detachable, and it looks great. It covers your backside - maybe not as low as some cyclists would want - but it's not a cycling jacket by design, and you said you were looking for an all-season raincoat that can be used on and off.
I bought it for this exact same reason. Needed a raincoat first and foremost, but wanted to get one to wear while riding if it became necessary.
It's not stowable in itself, but it folds down nicely. It's also not lined, so it's definitely not a cold winter jacket unless you're just using it as a waterproof shell over another jacket.
But check it out.
Oh also it was only $119. Heck of a deal.

Looigi 01-14-14 09:27 AM

A 3 mile commute should raise much of a sweat, but riding a couple of hours at a decent pace will. The choice becomes getting wet from rain or getting wet from sweat. If I'm riding any distance in the rain, I expect to get wet and dress so as not to get chilled. Depending on temperatures and conditions this can range from nothing other than a jersey and shorts to wind blocking outer garments with layers (technical fabrics or wool) underneath as needed. I greatly prefer wind blocking vest, jerseys, tights that are completely non-blocking and highly permiable in the back to prevent inflation and help regulate temperature and sweat.

fietsbob 01-14-14 10:20 AM

Caped back designs seem rare.. unfortunately .

One upper shoulder panel shingles over and covers a lower one which is half- Mesh,
in that upper portion .. with the Water 'proof' lower portion .. but it resolves a few issues ..
that is there in a single panel back...

Jackstraw42 01-20-14 01:59 PM

Sorry for the bump, I just wanted to thank everyone for the great tips. I ended up going with the marmot super mica jacket...very light, great waterproof capabilities, versatile and a fantastic warrantee. The sugoi was a little too heavy and their warrantee kinda blows (1

Super mica in dark azure, if anyone is interested. Thanks again!

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