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CB HI 01-15-14 07:27 PM

And some claim that cycling causes impotence

cradom 01-16-14 06:53 AM

'Page not found"
I think I know what it was though.

rydabent 01-16-14 09:00 AM

Not if you ride a recumbent.

ThermionicScott 01-16-14 10:53 AM

The smiley wasn't separated from the URL. Try this:

Corben 01-16-14 11:12 AM

So I didn't read if things will go back to normal.

fietsbob 01-16-14 11:41 AM

with the reactor meltdowns that have happened, you may not want to breed ..

onbike 1939 01-16-14 12:22 PM

Having failed with the under-arm does look as if I'm going to have to take up Mountain biking.:notamused:

fietsbob 01-16-14 12:30 PM

Get the Austin Powers autographed model Swedish Vacuum pump.

Fastfingaz 01-16-14 06:06 PM

hmmm imajine that, seven week erection! and I'm still waiting on that four hour erection from the little blue pill!!:)

linus 01-16-14 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by rydabent (Post 16415462)
Not if you ride a recumbent.

Yes, but you will never need to because you'll never have a partner. ;)

StephenH 01-17-14 12:10 PM

I note that China and India seem to have plenty of bicycles and plenty of population, so things must be working out alright for them.

BlazingPedals 01-17-14 08:56 PM

It just makes sense that if you block the artery supplying blood, you won't get it up. And if you block the vein that drains it, you won't get it down. The vein must be a bit more protected or else this would happen more often and we'd all be *trying* to get hurt on the top bar. :)

Fastfingaz 01-18-14 08:08 AM

Well that does it!! I'm going to cut the horn part off all my bike seats so they'll be square at the front and square at the back, that'll do it!!!!!!

rydabent 01-19-14 07:49 AM


Wrong----------since Im on a recumbent, Im already half the way there. :)

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