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LongIslandCamper 01-18-14 11:56 AM

What Kind Of Pedals For Me?
I have a Motobecane Fat Bike on order and I'm expecting it in the next few weeks. The bike does not come with pedals so I'm looking at my options. I'm looking for suggestions for both type and color. Almost 100% of my riding will be at ocean beaches if that matters. I'm looking for platform pedals and most of my riding will be done in something like a sandal in the warm months and a sneaker in the cooler months. Here's the bike.

no1mad 01-18-14 12:54 PM

I'd suggest some big, grippy BMX types. I have nothing bad to say about the ones that came with my bike, either. ;)

Nightshade 01-18-14 12:57 PM

These pedals were made for your bike and uses you will give it.

I've installed them on all my bikes (3) since I find nothing to dislike about them.

@work 01-18-14 02:03 PM

+1 for bmx platform pedals

cplager 01-18-14 02:29 PM

For what it's worth, I have dual sided pedal (platform/SPD). In the summer, I use Nashbar sandals.

I'm not saying you need to clip in, but you can if you want.

Wilfred Laurier 01-18-14 06:23 PM

i also think bmx style platforms are a good idea

especially if you may be doing extensive off bike walking during outings

zymphad 01-18-14 10:15 PM

I'd get peddles that are comfortable enough to ride barefeet if you are going to riding on beaches most of the time.

02Giant 01-18-14 10:35 PM

I use this one on my hybrid
I have been very happy with them, never have slipped.

fietsbob 01-19-14 11:40 AM

there are no pedals included, ? .. what else do they come up cheap, on?

Wilfred Laurier 01-19-14 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16423637)
there are no pedals included, ? .. what else do they come up cheap, on?

i guess you have never read another thread on bikesdirect

i dont know about mountain bikes
but the vast majority of road bikes
for the past 20 years
have come out of the box
with no pedals

i am not saying they are not just being cheap
but i am very surprised at your surprise

fietsbob 01-19-14 12:35 PM

I cope with Bikes direct Bikes when they come in, while I'm working, and need service.

Fwiw , Bike Friday will include a saddle and pedals if you ask and pay retail for the extras ..

since so many people have their preferences established, they dont try to guess .

most bikes sold in shops throw in some kind of pedal , or the Mechanics add a pair to test ride the bikes
both after assembling it and for the customers to ride around the Block to see if its thew one they want.

OP get a Generic Platform , First.. you can change them and your mind , later.

chaadster 01-19-14 01:52 PM

Nightshade's Nashbar pedals look like a good recco (i.e. nice pedal for the money), but two things come to mind: 1. Riding seaside I might prefer a plastic pedal to a an alu bodied one with steel pins because of galvanic corrosion. Yeah, saltwater will be rough on lots of other parts of the bike anyway, but why not minimize maintenance (especially when it's pulling and greasing pedal pins!) especially when, 2) a plastic pedal will probably be more comfy to ride barefoot and you don't need the extra grip of steel pins.

with that in mind, the Fyxation Mesa at about $50 may be worth considering. It's a sealed bearing pedal like the Nashbar, which is probably good for this application (unless you like rebuilding pedals, in which case their Gates pedal is also available in an array of colors, like green to match the bike highlights). I think the Mesa in white would be sharp, though.

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