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jjpjimmy 01-18-14 05:47 PM

What to do with unusable tires?
I've got this lightly used continental gatorskin 700c that has a small puncture hole exposing the threads. It's been rolled up for a year or so and I just felt bad how much more material is left on it than the other pair still on the bicycle...

What the heck do I do with this?
Rig up a fender? couple it with a thorn proof tube and burn rubber?

prathmann 01-18-14 06:00 PM

Put a boot (sturdy, non-stretching piece of material) on the inside over the puncture and reinstall it on your wheel. Keep an eye on it occasionally in case the tire casing threads continue to break, but they rarely do.

Murray Missile 01-18-14 06:01 PM

I had one like that, I glued a patch on the inside of the tire, put a little glue on the outside of the hole, mounted it up, let it cure overnight and rode it like I stole it for a year. It was still on the bike when I sold it. Told the buyer, he told me he'd have done the same thing and it was fine with him.

Milice 01-18-14 06:18 PM

a couple of drops of super glue and ride it or us it as a roller tire.

JanMM 01-18-14 08:29 PM

An unusable tire can be recycled; some bike shops collect them for that purpose.
But sounds like it may be usable after all.

alaskanb3arcub 01-18-14 09:03 PM

at my LBS we are recycling what we can. Some things we are doing with wider tires are making knee patch kits(using chain links as rivets), making belts, and even a rifle sling. Tires make great material, you just have to be creative.

jjpjimmy 01-19-14 07:46 PM

thanks for the suggestions. I'm gonna take up the super glue and booting the tire when my rear tire goes bad. I'm using a part of a inner tube.

I didn't know LBS were recycling tires, I'll be sure to ask my LBS when the time comes.

Dudelsack 01-19-14 09:05 PM

I would re-tire it.

Thank you.

Myosmith 01-20-14 08:46 AM

Small puncture hole = glue on patch on the inside of the tire and put a dab of Shoe Goo or similar in the hole from the outside to keep gravel, etc. from getting stuck in there. Should last until the tread is well worn.

If your LBS doesn't take dead tires for recycling, most places that sell automotive tires will let you throw it on their pile for free.

claystevens 01-20-14 09:11 PM

Didn't reuse it but throw it into the baseroom.

the fly 01-20-14 11:37 PM

If its a foldable tire, I'd see if you could ride it, if you can, fold it back up and take on rides as a spare. Otherwise, trainer duty.

Jax Rhapsody 01-25-14 09:05 PM

I agree with using it as a backup tire only. I makes belts with them. Ive seen them turned in to fenders and chain gaurds. there are things you can do with it.

wahoonc 01-26-14 06:14 AM

I vote for the boot route, when it is worn out recycle. The local auto shop down the road from me let's me toss my bike tires on the trailer full of car and truck tires that they haul to the shredders about once a month. I have booted tires with duct tape, part of a thinner tire, inner tube pieces, folding money, poster board, plastic from a milk jug, etc. Shoe goo sounds like a winner too.

Aaron :)

rdtindsm 01-26-14 03:24 PM

You can also make tire covers for transportation / storage of sew-ups.

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