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Noonievut 01-20-14 02:27 PM

Fat Bike for me?
I'm looking to expand the type of riding I can do, while minimizing overlap between my bikes.

I currently own a road bike, touring bike and cyclocross bike.

The type of riding/conditions I like or want to ride are:

- road (road bike is my baby, custom frame and hand built wheels; I spend April to October on this 2-3 times a week)
- gravel roads (cyclocross), rail trails, or roads with chip-and-seal (using my touring bike on this when surface not too bad as it has 35mm semi-slick). Started this last year as many roads in my area suck, and this has opened up my reach into my surrounding area
- single track (go a few times a year, either with my cross bike or I rent when on vacation and there are good trails near by)
- winter (down to -15c, roads dry, a little wet or mucky, but I avoid ice and deep snow)

What I want to do more off: winter roads and trails if snow not too bad, and single track. Essentially, I love all forms of cycling! I also tour a few times a year.

Was considering a fat tire for winter and single track. If I had one, I could dump either the cross or touring bike as I can likely use one for both uses (I'm not hard core for either).

Thoughts? Thanks!

knobster 01-20-14 05:02 PM

I think I would get rid of the cyclocross bike. They don't tour well, but you can easily do the things you were doing on cyclocross bike with the touring bike. I wouldn't mind having one of those fat tire bikes but I doubt I'd ride it more than a couple times a year. Or maybe get rid of both the cross bike and touring bike and get something like this to replace them both:

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