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Provocatuer 01-20-14 05:17 PM

Bag and Clothing choices while biking
I'm in the process of designing a better messenger bag, catered primarily towards bicycle couriers, and I'm curious to see if any of you fellow bikers out there have come up with any modifications of your own to alleviate back pain, weight distribution, and other discomforts encountered while biking with bags. I'm also looking into clothing choices and personalization of both bags and clothing. If you've got any sick biking gear you've made yourself, I'd love to hear about. I'vealso cooked up a little survey at the link below, if any of you are itching to give your thoughts about how you put your personality into your bag and clothes, and how a brand show allow for it.
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happy cycling!

Siu Blue Wind 01-20-14 05:24 PM

Please put your survey here:

Here are the survey rules:

Oh and welcome to Bike Forums! Would love to hear about what kind of rides you do as well as what bike you have in the introduction forum. :)

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