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Pinhy 01-22-14 03:19 PM

Help identifying rims
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Anyone know what model Spinergy these are?

I've read some bad things about some Spinergy here, and want to know if it is worth looking into buying these used.

Also, it looks like they are tubulars rather than clinchers?

thanks in advance.

BlazingPedals 01-22-14 05:48 PM

I can't tell if they're tubbies or not. Even tubbies have valve stems; so the fact that it's hidden by the fork doesn't mean anything. Based on the brake track, those have seen very little if any use. The problem With Spinergies, as I understand it, is that there's too much unsupported rim between the spokes. If you hit an obstacle with that part of the rim, the rim collapses and takes the spokes with it. Whether or not you look into them might depend on your intended use and your threshhold for danger.

demoncyclist 01-23-14 08:47 AM

I would stay away from that particular model of Spinergy wheel. I have seen too many broken ones over the years, and they haven't made those in decades. I had great luck with a set of Xaero-X wheels on my mid 90s Bianchi, but they were a much more traditional construction.

Looigi 01-23-14 09:28 AM

Tubbies = fat. Tubies = tubular

BlazingPedals 01-23-14 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by Looigi (Post 16434233)
Tubbies = fat. Tubies = tubular

Thanks for the correction. I never knew about the fat tires, since I don't go that way.

demoncyclist 01-23-14 02:13 PM

BTW, I believe they are called Rev-X wheels. My old LBS (now gone the way of the dodo) had one mounted on a hinge as the gate between the retail part of the shop and the work area. One of the "spokes" had asploded in a minor crash back in the day.

Leebo 01-23-14 02:39 PM

Run away fast.

fietsbob 01-23-14 03:43 PM

30 year old ''cutting edge" , no longer is so Avant Garde..

Pinhy 01-23-14 05:11 PM

OK then...staying away!

thank you all for the knowledge

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