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Gabedamien 01-23-14 03:44 AM

Campy dual pivot brake ID?
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Hi there. So sorry to clutter up this nice forum with such a trivial request, but does anyone know what brake model this is?

I only ask because they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS :love::twitchy::love::twitchy:



EDIT: now that I look closer, maybe these are just very fancy single-pivots… blast.

fietsbob 01-23-14 10:34 AM

Except it's a single pivot.. yes they are good at making their aluminum polished Shiny ..

Late Circa 80's ..

JohnDThompson 01-23-14 10:48 AM

Campagnolo Athena "Monoplanar:"

Gabedamien 01-23-14 11:07 AM

Thanks very much. Of course now that I see they're single-pivot (fletsob, you will have noticed I had already added that as "d'oh!" addendum to my original post) I won't be seeking them out or anything, modern dual-pivots are so much less of a headache to center and adjust. But they sure are some nice-looking brakes!

Drew Eckhardt 01-29-14 04:43 PM

The C-Record era was the aesthetic zenith for many Campagnolo components.

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