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statman24 01-28-14 01:01 PM

2014 Specialized Sirrus Carbon (Expert or Comp)?
After extensive research on flat bar road bikes, I have decided to purchase a Specialized Sirrus Carbon as my next bike.

I am considering one of the following levels:

Sirrus Expert Disc Carbon:
Sirrus Comp (Disc) Carbon:

The Expert is $500 more and gives you the following upgrades:
  • Full carbon fork vs carbon fork with aluminum steerer
  • Formula C1, hydraulic disc brakes vs Tektro Draco 2
  • Shimano 105 rear derailleur vs Tiagra
  • Carbon vs alloy seat post
  • Better tires (?) - Not a biggie for me, as I plan to replace with Gatorskin Ultras
One thought I had was to go with the lower version, then use the $500 towards upgrading the bike to Ultegra drivetrain components. I would then use the parts that came off of the Sirrus and use those to upgrade my Specialized Crosstrail.

I would appreciate your thoughts/opinions on this.

Dewnay 08-03-14 08:38 AM

Which one did you decide to buy? I'm very interested as I have the same decision but my choices also include the Pro Carbon. Ultimately my decision may be made based on availability. Specialized is sold out of the 2014 models.

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