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TexMac 01-29-14 01:03 PM

Carbon Wheelset
Not sure if this is the right place but, i got the carbon wheels itch..Looking at 40mm/60mm. I live in a flat area and not sure how these wheels behave in cross winds. I have mavic kserium elites and Boyd Vitesess 30mm. Love the boyds coz they are light esp for climbing. Need something that can cut the air much longer and light.
Saw some Zips but the Boyd's are cheaper with comparable weight.
Any input is highly appreciated.

SanDiegoSteve 02-04-14 01:02 PM

Get the Boyd's and post a report. At a minimum, they should motivate you to ride more which will be good for you.

None of us need things, but satisfying lust can help in many ways.

knobster 02-04-14 03:49 PM

Post this in the road forum. You'll get more responses than you'll ever want.

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