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orguasch 05-24-02 10:09 AM

I have a very simple wish...
I have a very simple wish, if my fairy god mother will grant it, to be able to enjoy my bike riding and not have to work for a living, whoa that would be the day or possible win the Lotto 649 or the super 7

pistolwhipped 05-24-02 10:20 AM

Hmmm , That would call for an upgrade in equipment .
It's worth laying down five bucks to dream of all the things you could go out and buy .

velocipedio 05-24-02 10:36 AM

BAck when the Super 7 was 34 million -- and yes, I paid out my voluntary tax for a ticket -- I had this plan...

1. Put about half the money into secure moderate growth investments.

2. Put a chunk of the money into a fund that would pay me a steady income of $75,000/annum and do the same for my family members.

3. Buy the guys in my club each a no-compromises bike. [Actually, only one would get the ultimate no-compromises bike, the others would have to content themselves with Litespeed Classics or De Rosa Meraks, or whatever, with Chorus or Ultegra].

4. Buy my GF me no-compromises road bikes and no-compromises 'cross bikes.

5. Buy a simple non-SUV automobile [a Subaru Outback] with a bike rack and learn how to drive it.

6. Hire a lawyer to get me out of my teaching contract.

7. Take the car on a road trip this summer to visit all of my BF friends and ride the roads of North America with our very cool bikes [sorry, Poullula and Nathank, Europe will have to wait].

8. Buy a small villa in Rimini or San Remo and a pied-a-terre in Brussels or Ghent and relocate to Europe for much of the year. I would ride like a demon through Italy in the summer, winter in a rented place in Spain in the winter [with trips north for cyclocross] and follow the spring classics from home base in Belgium in the spring. I would come back to North America frequently, so I'd have to keep a bike here, I guess.

9. Write books... teach part-time at the local university... ride my bike. You'd all be invited to visit.

10. Partially fund a Canadian division 1 pro squad when Gord Fraser's, Michael Barry's, Charles Dionne's, Eric Wohlberg's [etc.] contracts expired with their current teams.

Alas, it never happened.

pistolwhipped 05-24-02 11:30 AM

V ,
Move number six to nunber one . Hire a Lawyer .
What a pain in the butt it would be . I'd still like to try it just once .
Winning the Lotto that is .

lotek 05-24-02 12:14 PM

I've often thought about this. I find that $2 a week
(what I spend on tickets) is well worth it for the
entertainment I get.
WHEN I WIN (gotta be positive)
I will go to LBS, purchase 4 bike fittings for wife, sister-in-law,
nephew, and myself and then treat them to any bike they
Go on a Dive trip (Yap, Truk, Wakatobi, Pulua) with the wife.
pay off mortgage
pay off bills
Go back to work
enjoy life even more than I do now
(I couldn't stand it if it gets much better!)


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