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LongIslandCamper 02-13-14 02:26 PM

Biking Not Allowed In My County
There's a local article making its rounds through the internet this week. Someone wrote to a local politician inquiring about bike lanes and bike signs. The local politician responded by saying that he thinks that no one should be riding a bike in this county.

Here's the article...

Vintage_Cyclist 02-13-14 03:15 PM

This guy is an idiot

BruceHankins 02-13-14 03:16 PM

I was relieved to see this was Suffolk County NY and not VA. Still, this is just terrible and thankfully it seems like there is a large outcry from people against his written reaction.

LongIslandCamper 02-13-14 03:44 PM

Another article making local headlines is how a local meth head killed a cyclist a few town away from the article I listed above. That person is walking free after serving only SIX MONTHS in jail.

no1mad 02-13-14 04:25 PM

This thread in A & S concerning this topic was started yesterday. Feel free to continue the discussion there.

Thread closed.

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