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techman 02-19-14 03:28 AM

Opinions on Aerotech removable padding for crotch area?
I've been dealing with Perineal/Perineum soreness from my rides. Changing to different saddles hasn't helped nor has my Novaro padded
briefs from REI. Now I'm considering AeroTech's removable padding which can be added to any underwear or shorts.
If anyone is familiar with AeroTech's inserts, please share your opinions. Thanks

J.C. Koto 02-19-14 03:40 AM

Are you talking about the soft, fleshy perineal area or the bony area near your sit-bones where the saddle supports your weight? Also, what kind of soreness? Like on the skin or deeper inside somewhere or what? This is important because if you're talking about the soft perineum area then you have an issue padding won't solve, and will probably make worse.

RoadTire 02-19-14 03:51 AM

I think I have the same bike shorts, and if so, the padding is pretty minimal, but they do stop irritation issues for me. So the question is the problem from irritation or pressure / getting squashed? These Aerotech pads look pretty good, same as in our bike shorts, so they may have their use, but at the price you (IMO) are better off getting quality bike shorts when they are discounted. (I try never to buy retail price except REI - 'cause I like REI)

If the issue is from getting squashed, I doubt padding will help, and would work on the bike fit / saddle position / saddle type, even though you have already gone that route, maybe not far enough. There are split-leather saddles which might relieve the pressure more than a regular saddle.

rdtompki 02-19-14 07:28 AM

The ISM saddles, among others, can sometimes resolve this sort of problem. I went through 10+ saddles before I settled on an ISM Century. I found their Podium to be a bit narrow. The Century is the right fit albeit not quite as firm as I would have liked.

It's a bit difficult to picture how a removable pad/chamois would help.

rydabent 02-19-14 08:49 AM

Or you could just switch to riding a recumbent. Along with no pain in that area you dont have to buy expensive shorts to protect you from your bike. I ride my bents with cheap $15 rugby shorts.

crackerdog 02-21-14 11:39 AM

That isn't padding. It is to stop moisture and chaffing. If your seat is too padded that is the problem. IF you sink into the padding on the seat, then you will be carrying weight somewhere other than your sit bones. Search about finding a seat that fits. Find how far apart your sit bones are and find a seat that fits them. You may still have to try a number of seats before you find one that works for you. If you ride for more than 15 minutes at a time, overly padded seats are terrible.

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