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I-Like-To-Bike 02-21-14 12:16 AM

Bicycle helmets.
Drop handlebars in combination with skinny, ass hatchet saddle and super thin high pressure tires for city cycling and commuting.

Greyryder 02-21-14 02:35 AM


Originally Posted by Homebrew01 (Post 16512298)
Pssst, there isn't any science.

the latest attempted scammer was calling them "Z-torque" or some such ... tried to get money on kickstarter. Glad it failed.

That's why I put science in quotes. ;)

Phil_gretz 02-21-14 06:46 AM

The LandRider autoshifting rear derailleur split cam thingy. Wow, an idea that just won't die thanks to heavy infomercial marketing.

I rode one that I was selling for my brother one day. Just awful erratically off-beat shift points. Spinning at 90 rpms? No, you're not, we just upshifted... The slowing and shifting to a lower gear wasn't terrifically, bad, though. The front derailleur worked normally.


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