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xlr8rbmx 05-25-02 07:27 AM

8 weeks without biking...
... Or doing anything that requires use of my left arm. I broke my wrist last night at baseball practice, and am sitting here in pain with my wrist in a splint. This sucks so damn much. School ends in two weeks, and I'm not going to be able to do anything for half of my summer break. I had so many things planned and now I can't do anything. I don't know how I will make it without riding for two months, just as the weather starts to get beautiful. Sorry for ranting, just need to let out my anger. Now I need to find a way to stay in shape.. :(


orguasch 05-25-02 09:46 AM

If you have a roller attached to your bike and you will not be out of shape, I really symphatized with you but almost everybody here in North America Has endured looooongg winter and its only now that we are getting some cycling weather, so get on your roller and spend the next 8 weeks on that and you won't be out of shape

John E 05-25-02 03:27 PM

Been there, done that -- Colles' fracture of the right radius in 1996 (fortunately, I'm a lefty). I was in a compression splint for three weeks, then a short-arm fiberglass cast for three more weeks. By the fifth week, I was able to ride my mountain bike on the road, cast and all. Starting with the second week, I did alot of walking, and I was jogging by week four. I also worked out on the stationary bicycles at the YMCA. Getting around and getting aerobic exercise really proved to be no problem, and I even learned one-handed shoelace tying (a real challenge, but doable). By the fourth week, I was doing mild weightlifting, as well.

I do not know what portion of the "wrist" you broke, but make sure your othopedist rechecks your alignment periodically, to make sure it heals properly. After you are out of the cast, do alot of sustained stretches to regain your range of motion.

Good luck, and don't get discouraged!

carlk23 05-25-02 08:41 PM

Don't give up on riding just because of the arm! In June of 1995 I broke my right arm in five places (six if you count the one they missed in my hand) when the handlebars broke while I was sprinting. No way was I going to give up on the summer - I modified the STI lever temporarily so I could shift and I drilled holes in the fibreglass cast to "improve" the ventilation. It took a little while to get used to it, but it can and has been done. As long as you have legs, the rest is just in the details!! Give your arm (and cast) a week or ten days, and then go. I didn't mention it to the Dr. until I went in to get the cast removed - "What the hell happened to your cast!!!:???"

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