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DnvrFox 03-18-05 07:39 AM

Recently, my Specialized "Comp" sports computer recently zapped of it own accord. A battery change did not help, and it was as if the chip was damaged - nonsense on the display.

I have had this computer almost 6 years, but I called Specialized to see if I could get another computer "head" so I would not have to rewire the pickup. Nope, they don't sell just computer heads.

So, I ordered another computer and installed it yesterday.

This is my 3rd computer to go Kaput in one way or another (I have 5 bikes) in the past year or so.

One of them was the wire breaking ot the head, another was a head gone bad (broken glass).

Hey, is this unusual?

CdCf 03-18-05 08:10 AM

Vibrations, moisture, dirt, shocks...
I'm suprised you got one to last for six years!

DieselDan 03-18-05 09:58 AM

Not really. I had the wiring on a Vetta mount vibrate out after three years.

operator 03-18-05 01:50 PM

I've never had a bike comp break on me yet. knock on wood.

Al1943 03-20-05 06:52 PM

I've got 7 years on a Cateye Astrale, still going.

DnvrFox 03-20-05 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by lauren
Did you try to fix it? Do you still have it? Soldering isn't that hard.

Yes, I tried it, I know how to solder (used to build electronic kits 50 years ago, when all you did was solder!) and it still wouldn't work. Didn't like it anyway, as it was just a basic distance and time computer.

UziBeatle 03-21-05 06:46 PM

Walmart (yah, I know), has a 'Schwinn' cyclo comp for just shy of 10 dollars. I picked one up
to see how it worked on my new used Cannondale H200. Works fine for me and does what I want.

Shrug, I've yet to figure out why I need to spend 60 dollars and up for them at a bike shop.

THen again , I've yet to figure out why I would need a bottle holder for my bike that costs 45 dollars. YEah, they have those at the local bike shop too. ////

genec 03-21-05 06:50 PM

Had 'em fail like clockwork... Was just down at my LBS and saw several models on sale... asked about a wireless unit that does cadence, and lo and behold... "Cateye does it, but they are all on recall... "

For a small electronics unit running between 25 and 60 bucks... I have a feeling that the manufactures are building em as cheap as they can.

DnvrFox 03-21-05 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by lauren
I am always looking for an excuse to try to fix something, just a personality fault of mine. :D


I always buy mine in sale at Nashbar. I like time, distance, max, average, elapsed time, trip distance and odometer. Necer pay more than $12-15

phantomcow2 03-21-05 07:11 PM

I gave up on cyclo computers. Ide rather spend the money on stuff that actually seems to last

operator 03-21-05 07:12 PM

Anything without cadence you can get REALLY cheaply, it is not worth it to spend anything more than about $15 for a wired unit and $20 for a wireless units with all the basic functions, speed, clock, odo, trp odo, avg spd, max speed, trp time.

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