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jtmott00 03-18-05 11:40 AM

Unknown Scapin...HELP
I recently inherited a Scapin steel frame with all Shimano 600 components. I am trying to figure out from about what time this bike may have come and what the level is (entry, mid, high). I'm guessing the only way anybody would know is if they actually have the bike, so I'm fishing.

Scapin Frame: Metallic Green with gold logo area on the downtube and seattube
Downtube Shifting
Shimano 600 crankshaft, brakes, and deraileurs (everything really)

I have been an MTB'r for a while, but have recently picked up road riding with the acquisition of this bike. It fits pretty well (a CM off), but I'm looking for the quality range to decide if I should get a new one. HELP!

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