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spdracr39 03-19-14 09:05 AM

I do primarily road biking but am getting into light mountain biking. What magazines to you read in your off time?

cafzali 03-19-14 10:40 AM

Check out this thread:

fietsbob 03-19-14 01:17 PM

not really targeted at the specific segment you ask about I read the ones on the display in the grocery store,

more thumb thru them and then put them back on the rack ..

did you drop by the Public Library and see what they have in their subscriptions?

I looked back at years of back issues , in the Universities' Library to get a background.

RonH 03-19-14 03:52 PM

I live in FL (not the UK) and have a subscription to Cycling Fitness. When at the bookstore I'll look at Road Bike Action and a few others. If something looks good I'll buy the magazine. More often than not I'll pass.

Fastfingaz 03-19-14 05:08 PM

Is Bicycle Times, still in print??? I thought that Mag was good ,,,,,,,,

fietsbob 03-19-14 05:37 PM

yea , our LBS gets a bundle of 6 shipped in . urban velo is OK too

both have web versions.

badger1 03-19-14 06:03 PM

Mountain or Road?
Mtb: Bike (U.S.) and Singletrack (U.K.). Both are (more or less) literate, and written with an adult audience in mind.
Road: Peloton (U.S.).
Pro racing: Cycle Sport.

spdracr39 03-19-14 07:26 PM

Thanks for the suggestions :)

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