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arrowgin 03-19-14 11:39 AM

how much would YOU pay?
Still a n00b, forgive me...

Im sick of riding on walmart specials, and finally want to get into a more serious biking experience this summer. Really don't want to purchase new, so been diggin into second hand market.

...which brought me to this...

Redline Conquest Pro Cyclocros CX Bike Shimano Ultegra 54cm Nice | eBay

read good reviews, my size (54cm), and overall good for my ambitions.

Question is, how high should i go? I'm still fairly green when it comes to terminology, components, and such so i defer to any opinions y'all have for guidance :)

(and PS, i hope nobody jumps in on the bidding now lol)

Retro Grouch 03-19-14 12:03 PM

Pull a number out of your head and make a bid.

If you win the auction, your bid was too high.
If you don't win it, your bid was too low.

Little Darwin 03-19-14 12:40 PM

With the lever needing work, I would only bid what you could afford minus the cost of a replacement brifter... assuming you can find one.

It seems strange that the ad expresses Ultegra, but the RD (which almost always matches the highest level component on a nice bike) clearly says 105...

I don't know the value, but if I were in the market for a project cyclocross bike, I wouldn't go over $400.

Fastfingaz 03-19-14 05:16 PM

I think that to make inteligent bids you must know how much the bike cost NEW, that way you know how much of the origenal price they're asking and know not to go past 50% or there abouts,,,

fietsbob 03-19-14 05:34 PM

go to the Red Line bikes website and see what they cost new , and make up your own Mind.

Cyclocross | Bike | Redline Bicycles you can take over from there ..

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