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yongxingfreesty 03-20-14 11:28 AM

aerospoke wheelset questions (are these tubular or clinchers?)
I am getting ready to buy some tubes and tires from amazon, but not sure if it will fit. can anyone please help me? i need to get these on and installed by the ms150 date (4/12/2014) and time is running out for me after i wait for shipping...

thanks guys

will the below tubes and tires work below? i made sure to get an 80mm tube so it sticks out far enough =) Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire: Sports & Outdoors

whats the difference between 700x23 and 700x23mm?


fietsbob 03-20-14 11:32 AM

you doing this instead of working?

hueyhoolihan 03-20-14 11:46 AM

i would contact Aerospoke via their website to determine what type and size of tubes or tubulars tires i needed. i just checked their website. there is some info there.

BlazingPedals 03-20-14 11:48 AM

The links you specified are for a wired (clincher, wire bead) tire and a tube. And the tube will fit a 700x23 tire. I just don't know for sure that you have a clincher rim.

BTW, 700Cx23, 700x23mm, and 23x622 are all designations for the same size tire. It is the third version of a nominally-700cm wheel (A, B, and C;) with a bead seat diameter of 622 mm. The tire width is 23mm. Note that the other sizes: 700A, 700B, etc, are not compatible with 700C. If you go by the ISO number, 23x622, you'll guarantee getting the correct size.

As with most things in the bicycling world, Sheldon Brown wrote a good article on tire sizing.
Tire Sizing Systems

yongxingfreesty 03-20-14 12:13 PM

thanks everyone. i found out from the seller that these are clinchers and the tubes I got will work for it. he recommended i dont go above a 28 width tire.

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