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RLinNH 03-21-14 06:45 PM

Me Thinks Imma Krazy...
I love bikes. 2 wheels. I love talking about them, I love seeing the new bikes, I love riding them. I love chatting with fellow cyclists about which brand they ride, what component groupo they like, and what works best for them. I have "Bike Loft" filled with bicycles. I have an old, very old, MotoBecane that I bought off of an Iron Worker at work for $100.00. She was abused and needed a good home. Now only to find the time to restore her, as she sits next to my new Masi Single Speed that begs to be ridden. I found myself today pedaling past my road at the end of a nice, relaxing, 23 mile ride for another 9 miles, just to take in the view. All I want to do is pedal as I get older. Am I normal, or am I losing my mind. In this world of "Got to get it done quicker and faster at a cheaper price", I am hitting the brakes and relaxing on my bike as much as I can for the sake of pedaling that perfect little cicle...:love:

Theresse 03-21-14 09:08 PM

Hahaha love it. I'm not quite where you are but lately I've been more into it than ever and I keep noticing everyone else's bike and what type of handlebars they use, and I keep thinking about my bike and when I'm going to ride next, etc. But I love how you put it. I've been that way about other hobbies as well. I just want to talk about it with other people who look at me funny for caring so much. Or I stay up late searching for bike-related things online. Maybe it's Spring fever? ;)

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