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ahsposo 03-23-14 08:54 AM

Introducing the Halfbike!
This looks kind of fun...

Here's a link:

Halfbike | a new kind of personal vehicle that brings joy back to urban mobility

no1mad 03-23-14 09:18 AM

I can come up with far more interesting ways to spend $900 for "fun".

ahsposo 03-23-14 09:36 AM

How about $799?

JanMM 03-23-14 09:43 AM

Do you have to wear a hoody to ride it?

J.C. Koto 03-23-14 09:50 AM

It was a good joke right up until the kickstarter pitch.

Fastfingaz 03-23-14 12:05 PM

Now that looks like a workout!! do a half hour on that thing and you're done,, good leg work excercise,,,

steve0257 03-24-14 05:42 AM

How do you haul your shopping and can you put fenders on it?

StephenH 03-24-14 11:54 AM

I can stand up and pedal for maybe a mile then need to sit back down, so not a good choice for me.
The endo possibilities seem to be right up there with penny-farthing bicycles.
The skateboard wheels on rear has been done with a unicycle front.
The seatless thing is done with trials bikes, but for different reasons. (Although, I'm not sure what the reason for omitting seat and handlebars is...what do you gain by doing that?)
Impaling yourself on the shaft would seem to be a hazard.

Fastfingaz 03-24-14 06:33 PM

Well I guess if you add all that then you would'nt be able to call it half a bike, it would have to be a Tricycle?

WonderMonkey 03-24-14 07:36 PM

Looks like a thigh burner.

2manybikes 03-24-14 07:52 PM


Drew Eckhardt 03-24-14 08:10 PM

No seat, no gears, weighs as much (17 pounds) as a regular bike but is harder to carry up stairs because you can't just put the top tube on your shoulder....

JanMM 03-24-14 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Eckhardt (Post 16608091)
No seat, no gears, weighs as much (17 pounds) as a regular bike but is harder to carry up stairs because you can't just put the top tube on your shoulder....

I take it you don't wanna buy into the kickstarter thing?

Greyryder 03-25-14 01:42 AM

I wanted to call it a unicycle with training wheels, but even unicycles have seats. Why is there no place to put both your hands, and is that a 2x4!? :twitchy:

Artkansas 03-25-14 02:04 AM

Looks perfect for 13 year olds. But I think I'd make it so that the front wheel can be integrated with a standard skateboard.

Apparently, even the makers are afraid to take it on a MUP or go dancing in traffic on one of those. Is it for the sidewalk or the street?

Dahon.Steve 03-25-14 07:36 PM


I would be afraid of riding since your're too far forward with a possible face plant. You did notice they were riding on a smooth surface and for a good reason.

xenologer 03-26-14 01:23 AM

don't think of it as a bike, its more like a 'razor' scooter with pedals. could be worse, seen those razor scooters with motors ? yuck

J.C. Koto 03-26-14 01:46 AM

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Now THIS is what I want in a half-bike:

Forget the pedal-power, I want to cook with gas!

Homebrew01 03-26-14 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by 2manybikes (Post 16608047)

and dumber

bikecrate 03-26-14 08:04 AM

I'd like to see someone try to go uphill. Downhill looks like it could be really terrifying.

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