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pt14 03-19-05 06:14 PM

Looking for a bike
Hi all, lm a new member, PT14 is my user name, Colin is my name. I am looking for a picture of my old 1990 ish Peugeot Tourmalet 14 with Exage 700 Shimano running gear and French made alloys. Aiso was chromemolly and had the Peugeot Direct Braising System, gears were SIS and the front cogs were Biopace.My bike was pearl in color with purple stickers in a pattern on the forks and down bar. Would love to get hold of a picture of ome as my has been stolen. Thanks for your time everyone, its good to be a part of your gruo. Cheers, Col.

pt14 03-19-05 06:16 PM

Thanks your help was great, hope to chat or post some helpfull stuff soon. PT 14.

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