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SGcyclist 03-24-14 11:35 PM

Using a Power Meter - The best way to train?
I am a keen user of a power meter in my training and have found great results - The Power Post ? What it takes to be a fast cyclist | Deca Ironman Training

Would there be other measurements I should be taking? Always keen to learn more. My understanding is currently power training is considered the most effective method since power meters measure your present output. Heart rate was previously used, but it's only a decent approximation. When you become fatigued and/or dehydrated, your heart rate isn't an accurate reflection of the work you're doing. As for VO2 max, that is your aerobic capacity, and that is a reflection of the length and intensity of training you've performed over X amount of time.

Machka 03-25-14 04:49 AM

This question might be better asked in the Racing Forum ...
The Racer's Forum

chaadster 03-25-14 07:15 AM

I agree that using power is a great way to set up a training regimen, and that it does seem to be state-of-the-art, as power is the gold standard for pro cyclists.

I don't think one needs be a racer to take advantage of either a training regimen or using power to base one off, though the cost of investing in a power meter needs to be weighed in any considerations.

To your question of what else to measure, you are certainly still monitoring your HR, no? And of course cadence monitoring. Those three are really effective parameters for dialing in your training, and ultimately, your performance.

Outside of biometric measures, having GPS info allows you to see what geographic features impact your performance, most critically your climbing performance, which you can track with VAM (vertical ascent meters) if you've got real hills. With the new Shimano Di2 gear position transmitter, you can also overlay gear selection to these other parameters and really drill down to a new level of training detail and specificity.

fietsbob 03-25-14 09:20 AM

Having an (amateur) bike racing team coach , may help your larger ambitions .

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