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tang316 03-25-14 11:13 PM

Bike shops mistakes or missleading customers on purpose?
Now that I got almost two full years on my bike I am ready to upgrade to something better. While bike shopping I have noticed a lot of crazy things. For example bikes that have mislabeled model years and prices that are completely jacked. I see bikes that are labeled 2014 when the are clearly 2013 models and have manufactured dates in 2012 printed on the tags. The jacked up prices from MSRP on manufacturer web pages i don't mind so much but it's still BS. When I ask why I always get the someone messed up in the back statement. I hate that I have to check to see if something I am buying is legit or not when I am buying from a certified dealer. Oh... well, I guess doing my research beforehand has payed off.

cannondale125 03-25-14 11:47 PM

Ck this site out. I use it when looking at last year models or used bikes for values.

spdracr39 03-26-14 08:02 AM

Perhaps you should choose a different LBS. In my area the prices are competitive and the salespeople are very knowledgeable. They always suggest ways to get a better deal.

shelbyfv 03-26-14 11:50 AM

I don't think mislabeling model years or msrp is any kind of usual practice. If you are sure that has been done you should go to a different shop.

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