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BigGuy100 03-26-14 11:19 PM

Good Deal on a Cannondale CAAD10????
I was hoping to get some advice on if this is a good deal or not. It looks to be a 2011-2012 CAAD10 in pretty good shape besides a scratch on the rear.

Gently used Cannondale CAAD10 60cm frame. Frame is in great shape, there is a small dent and missing paint on one of the rear stays.
Fully tuned up
NEW 105 shifters
NEW Continental Ultra race tires
NEW Cables
105 rear derailleur
Sora front derailleur
New Gossimar crank
Shimano wheels
Tektro brakes.

My major concern is the size if the dent and the Gossimar Crank as iv heard they can be poor quality. I talked him down to $750. That seen like a good price?

Anything detailed I should look for to determine the condition better?


spdracr39 03-27-14 07:10 AM

Yes, Is it the correct size ? Pictures of the dent would be helpful. Price sounds very good.

BigGuy100 03-27-14 08:39 AM

Unfortunately You can't really see anything in the picture even though he took a close up. I am hopefully gonna ride it today and hope it fits. its a 60' frame and I am 6'2 so I am hoping it is ok.

dsam2 03-27-14 11:27 AM

The CAAD10 is a rocking bike, but I would be leery about the dent.

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