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dsam2 03-27-14 08:48 AM

Fair Trade? 2012 Allez E5 for BMC Cross Machine CX01
I was wondering what everyones opinion was about this trade. I have an Allez E5 w/ Mavic Open Pro rims paired with Ultegra hubs. It is a 52cm and I should be in a 54. I have been making it work buy running the seat post almost to the max height line and a longer stem that currently angled upward to match the position that I am comfortable riding in. A guy on Craigslist listed a 54cm BMC Cross Machine (2007-2008 I think). I asked him if he would be interested in a trade. I would take the Rival off the Allez and he would bring the Ultegra over from the BMC. I was wondering what everyone thought about a trade of this sort?

fietsbob 03-27-14 09:37 AM

Both in pristine condition?

dsam2 03-27-14 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16616440)
Both in pristine condition?

The Allez is next to perfect. I am not sure about the BMC yet. Due to its age, I am expecting some signs of use.

fietsbob 03-27-14 10:15 AM

CL is all about personal Inspection, you can, I cannot.

so the trade was accepted, or Not?

you could just buy it and do the parts swap and then sell what you have on the same CL.

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