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Rainintogravity 03-27-14 12:16 PM

Is this an authentic bianchi Imola? Help?
Found this on craigslist near my city, but the components have been downgraded from the 105s it should have, and it's been painted.


It's supposedly a 2006 imola... Are my questions below out of line? If any of you could take a look at the ad, if you can tell anything that would define it as bianchi, let me know! There is only one photo, but the area listed of 'Renton/kent' isn't necessarily the best city in my state either, but definitely not the worst. Thanks all!

Here are my email messages with the person:

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014 6:34 PM
Hi there,

What size is the frame in cm? What year is it as well, if you know?


The reply:
On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 7:13 PM, craigslist 4389751734 wrote:
Hi, I don't know the size in cm, its 2006. Thanks

I replied back:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:44 PM,
I guess Im just confused because 29 is not an actual frame size. Is that just the stand over height youre referencing? Im 5 10/11 and I fit a 55-56cm frame road bike, typically.

Do you have any of the original components left? I believe the Imolas came with 105 components, not Sora. Also, do the tires offer any puncture protection?
Thank you!

The reply this morning:

Hi J, if you want to see the bike let me know. Thanks

JamesRL 03-27-14 12:20 PM

Smells mighty fishy.

Someone posted about a 46" frame on CL today and I had to chuckle a bit.

If he doesn't know the size, then he could be a flipper, or it might be hot. Not sure why someone would downgrade everything.

I'd walk away.

SkyDog75 03-27-14 12:33 PM

I can't tell for certain whether it's an Imola frame from that pic, but I don't think it is. Bianchi Imola frames are steel and that downtube looks awfully fat for steel.

hueyhoolihan 03-27-14 01:33 PM

the seller is not very interested... i wouldn't bother.

BenPS 03-27-14 01:48 PM

what skydog said. Here's what it should look like 2006 Bianchi Imola - BikePedia

and that doesn't look the same to me

Rainintogravity 03-27-14 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by BenPS (Post 16617270)
what skydog said. Here's what it should look like 2006 Bianchi Imola - BikePedia

and that doesn't look the same to me

Yeah, I looked it up, the down tube does look wrong... I also found one of bianchi's low end models, the Brava, with some accessories... It's also an '06:

Bianchi Brava

Sound better? Haha I know some about bikes, but my bike fever sometimes clouds my judgement. (; (right now I don't have any bike.)

J.C. Koto 03-27-14 02:59 PM

That's sketchy as all get-out. There's no way I'd buy that for any price as there's a very good chance it's stolen.

fietsbob 03-27-14 05:00 PM

its a Generic TW alloy frame now .. it aint celeste and doesn't have the Name on it

so the seller is dreaming the brand is believable .

True, stolen bikes do get resprays .

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