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bbbean 03-27-14 12:39 PM

What Wheel is this?
I have a Fulcrum wheelset from a 2012 model bike that had the decals removed. The front wheel still has the ID sticker, though, with ID number 0142382I. Below that are the numbers R5I10CFRBSWS and 00148OD93W. What model wheel do I have?

FWIW, the seller swears it's a Fulcrum Racing 3, but it doesn't match the published specs for a 2012 Racing 3 (heavier and has a different rim configuration). He says it came off a 2012 Rocky Mountain Solo Pro RSL.


jimc101 03-27-14 01:01 PM

Without pictures, it would be hard to ID a wheel, but from the info given, which Fulcrum 3 are you looking at? the 2 Way Fit version, or clincher, The Rocky Mountain Solo Pro RSL was fitted stock (according to with the clincher version, which is considerably different to the 2 Way Fit version

bbbean 03-27-14 01:08 PM

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Fulcrum Racing 3 Clincher Wheelset Shimano SRAM Used 2012 | eBay

I started to suspect things weren't quite up to spec when the wheels arrived and the wheelset weighed a whopping 1885 gr without skewers and 2010 gr with skewers. A little more digging and I found that the Racing 3 shouldn't have had a rim strip, and the inside of the rims should have been milled out between spokes.

jimc101 03-27-14 01:43 PM

Looks like a 7, the Skewer is 7 spec, nice wheels, but not nearly are nice a a set of 3's

bbbean 04-04-14 08:40 AM

Sent teh ID number to Fulcrum. Turns out it is a Racing 5. Good training wheel, not that great a racing wheel. Seller gave me a $100 refund, so I guess I now have an extra set of wheels for training/trainer/backup.


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