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LittleBigMan 05-26-02 05:49 PM

Who's riding tomorrow?
Or, in other words, who's a) not working, b) not going to be with relatives, or c) not chilling with the homeys?

I may sneak in a ride tomorrow, though I have lots of work to do around the house.

I'm taking a vacation all week long, one of those, "stay at home while wife and kids are out so you can work all day" vacations...but it doesn't matter, I can ride somehow!


oceanrider 05-26-02 07:11 PM

ummm... depends on the wind and rain. This whole past week has been a bike buster. Tonite I took a little night ride and I thought I was sailing instead of cycling. Now there's a tropical thang out there that may or may not ruin the weather.


lotek 05-26-02 08:14 PM

Plan on going out as long as the weather
cooperates. They've predicted rain/thunderstorms
for all weekend, and the closest they've been
is about 150 miles off (not that I'm complaining)
so, I'm not working, not with relatives or
my homeys. . .


WorldIRC 05-26-02 08:33 PM

im a canadian so we dont get a memorial day. we had a victoria day last weekend though

pvt.Cowboy 05-26-02 09:01 PM

The other half and I have 24 miles and a lunch planned for tomorrow on our tandem, it's seattle so rain is every day....:beer:

UncaStuart 05-26-02 10:57 PM

We have offspring and grandchild coming over at 2pm for BBQ, so we will probably take a quick ride out to the coast in the am if the fog isn't too bad.

b_rider 05-26-02 11:48 PM

I'm riding tomorrow on Memorial Day. About 70 miles planned.

OmahaRider 05-27-02 12:44 AM

ME ME ME!!!---going to take out the new Klein and run the entire length of the Keystone Trail---24 miles out---24 miles back in.

Richard D 05-27-02 02:55 AM

I'll be cycling a few miles, but whether it's train and bike or bike all the way to work depends on the weather - I'm in danger of becoming a fair weather cyclist :eek:


orguasch 05-27-02 03:06 AM

May 27, 2002, after I have drop my son Miguel to school, I will be riding , coz its my day off whewwwwww

John E 05-27-02 12:18 PM

Now that "tomorrow" is "today," I can report that I did about 30mi/50km on the Bianchi this morning, up to Oceanside Harbor and back, mostly on Old Coast Highway 101. I passed a few riders and got passed by one or two others, as usual. It was fun to do a middle-distance flat ride after some semi-serious hill work yesterday.

I need to do some bike work today: the Capo is down with a broken rear spoke (that venerable old Reynolds frame really does deserve a decent wheelset!), and I need to finish my Peugeot UO-8 cyclocross project. (I am suddenly "between jobs," and I may soon be in a position to bike from the train station to the office over a dirt fire road.)

velocipedio 05-27-02 01:32 PM

Considering that I ride every day [except for one day a week off], well yeah...

In act, I did a really satisfying 108 km ride with my training partner today. Just the two of us and an average speed of 28.5 km/h. Good workout... some nice hills...

[Just so everyone understands what Vegas' post is about, I did correct this post.]

VegasCyclist 05-27-02 01:56 PM


Originally posted by velocipedio
I did a really satisfying 1008 km ride
:eek: 600 miles! velocipedio I knew you were a excellent cyclist but really!

should it be 100.8 km? :D

and as for me, I might be able to hit the trails on my mtb but I'm not sure... hopefully though :)

velocipedio 05-27-02 02:01 PM

108 km... man, would my legs be tired if I'd done 1008... :D

orguasch 05-27-02 02:53 PM

My wife wake me up and told me that I have to bring miguel to the doctor, so I brought him to the doctor and he was given medicine, when I return It was already 12 noon, Have to wait for my daugther to take care of Miguel then that was the only time was able to ride my bike was able to ride 80 Kilometers in 4 hours, not really a great ride coz' was thinking of my son Miguel,

Aerow 05-27-02 03:01 PM

Got up at 6:00am and did 30 miles. Nice and relaxed. What a great morning! This Saturday I am racing in a sprint triathlon. Today was just what I needed to prepare!

Happy riding!

aerobat 05-27-02 04:31 PM

Hope he's OK, Racso! Keep us posted.

Actually, I did ride yesterday. The first time in a few days I'd been able to get out for a solo ride on the road bike, due to other commitments.

It was right before sunset and I did 45km, just out and back but with a slight headwind to start which decreased to almost nothing when I turned around to come back.

With two sprints to get over a bridge which is under construction and reduced to one lane, managed to average 29km/hr, which is my best so far in this slow starting season.

It was just a great night to get out of the house and ride after a day of yard work!

bikeman 05-27-02 04:39 PM

I worked all day Saturday on remodeling the bathroom. What a pain. I took Sunday off for a club ride and despite being rather gloomy and cool in the early morning about 40 of us showed for a ride in the country. I ended up taking a slightly shorter ride back at the end and got 58 miles of rollers, hills and some fast flats on the tail of a tandem couple. The sun came out and it got warmer for a change by the end of the day. Shades of things to come on Monday.

I felt pretty good and kept busy all the rest of the day so as to not cramp up and I went for the club pickup ride on this glorious morning. Only five of us showed up and I rode to the ride start from home, rode the ride and then back home again. No car to get to the ride for a change. I ended up with another 60 miles and it was by far the best pickup ride I'ver ever ridden in over 30 years of being on a bike. Good friends that stuck together and waited for each other at the top of steep hills, stopped at a couple's house for coffee and snacks with 16 miles to go, temps in the mid 70's, not a cloud in the sky, gently winds and a fast 50+ MPH on the final downhill. Got home just in time for a grilled meal with my family.

Now I'm with my buds at BikeForums. What could be better? Life is good! Just had to share. Hope you all had a nice ride or family time as well.

wabbit 05-27-02 08:43 PM

No ride for me today, even thought the weather was lovely. My back was sore and I wasn't feeling up to a ride, so I went to the gym instead. Working the rest of my body was a great idea. My back feels better. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be just as good- temp in the 70s, sunny, light-to moderate winds. Wednesday looks iffy but who knows at this time of year.

orguasch 05-27-02 09:31 PM


Originally posted by aerobat
Hope he's OK, Racso! Keep us posted.

thanx Aerobat
yes, his okay now after we gave him the medicine,

LittleBigMan 05-27-02 11:20 PM


Originally posted by aerobat
Hope he's OK, Racso! Keep us posted.

It was just a great night to get out of the house and ride after a day of yard work!

Glad he's ok, Oscar. :) I know how that feels! :(

Well, I never rode today, but man, did I get a workout in the yard!

joeprim 05-28-02 06:03 AM

Well inbetween splitting wood, fixing stuff and all that I gor in 3 rides adding up to just over 50 miles this weekend. Good weekend!

MediaCreations 05-28-02 06:21 AM

We have next Monday off. I'm looking forward to getting a few extra kilometres under my belt.

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