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MikeC 10-25-00 03:37 PM

Anyone got a good idea for a cycling-themed Halloween costume (for an adult)?

RoadRash 10-25-00 07:44 PM

I have no idea, you could be lance armstrong... maybe a wheel? How about a bike pump! :) Let us know what you decide, I havent made any halloween plans yet, too lazy!

MadCat 10-25-00 08:06 PM

the best costume i saw was in one of the cycling magazines. It was a guy who mounted a car door on his bike and did his face and body up to look as though he actually hit the door.
It looked awesome.
I'm just dressing up as edward scissorhands this year for the critical mass ride. I'm still not how I'm going to brake, much less shift gears.

MadCat 10-25-00 09:25 PM

oh oh another idea
A gargoyl would be a kewl costume to wear on a bike if you could get big enough mings. Think i have my idea for next year.

MikeC 10-29-00 06:55 PM

I finally went to the party as one of those cycling ultra-geeks. I stuck about 40 cycling product stickers all over my most outrageous jersey and shorts, making me look like the ultimate sponsoring nightmare, added a few "I sell Avon products" and similar stickers, a "Will Bike for Food" sign, and a couple of "This Space For Rent" stickers. Most of the group thought it was pretty funny, and it was certainly easy.

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