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lotek 05-28-02 02:38 PM

Members in Frankfurt?
Any BF members in Frankfurt?
I've been informed that I'm on my way
there next week to assist a client with
an upgrade of software.
Too bad its not July and a client in France.


nathank 05-29-02 03:49 AM

i'm in Munich... so probably not close enough if you're just in Germany for a short time. unless you wanted to do some MTB in the Alps - i have a tour almost every weekend!

besides, i'll be in the US from May 30 through June 16... Montreal, Massachusetts, NYC, Philadelphia and Dallas.

becnal 04-20-08 02:56 PM

Hee hee. I'm 6 years too late answering this thread. Well, anyway, consider it revived. So, any Frankfurters on here?

RonH 04-20-08 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by becnal (Post 6552857)
So, any Frankfurters on here?

Marty asked the question before we had regional subforums.
Ask your question in the Europe subforum and you'll probably get more replies.

kubacola 04-24-08 05:47 PM

:p Yes, I happen to live in Frankfurt (am Main).

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