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ploplo 06-08-14 05:41 AM

Is this a good used bike? (Description included)
Sorry, new here, and don't know a lot about bikes. I was at Canadian Tire few days ago, and was gonna buy one for $250 there. I'm glad I whipped out my phone and did some research.

But is the bike description below a decent bike? Just looking to ride along a pier occasionally for exercise. Pictures of this bike looks very good condition. How much should this be worth on the used market?


Giant Prodigy; framework full Cromoly 55 cm, 21 lives. Shimano, new fork, 'V' brake Shimano Acera nine, new brakes and Shimano Acera new speeds, cables and casings levers, wheels 700 x 38 c, back up to nine, alloy wheels, hubs alloy and Q.R., post Kalloy + Q.R. saddle Specialized Body Geometry, Shimano Crankset, pedal SLXTX (absent on the picture), new chain, bottle support. Tune up complete and in very good condition.

WestPablo 06-08-14 06:03 AM

You don't give a year for this Prodigy...

The last Prodigy made with chromoly steel was back in 1995. Back then the bike sold for about $585.

If the bike is in mint condition and has new Alivio brakes, it would be worth $173. In fair condition, it would be worth about $110, on today's date (6/8/2014).

The Prodigy had an RSX groupset, which would be the equivalent of today's Tiagra gruppo. The Prodigy's crankset is RSX 26/36/46.

ploplo 06-08-14 06:15 AM


Heres a link to the ad with pictures for more info. Not sure what year it is.
Good info!!

(CAD dollars)

WestPablo 06-08-14 06:36 AM

Originally Posted by ploplo (Post 16831476)

Heres a link to the ad with pictures for more info. Not sure what year it is.
Good info!!

(CAD dollars)

I'd pay $75, just for the chromoly frameset alone, if it was my size and in excellent shape, void of any rust or structural issues.

VegasTriker 06-08-14 03:35 PM

This is odd. Giant produced a hybrid bike with this model name from 1993 to 1997 and the resurrected the name as a "comfort bike" costing around $1K from 2002 - 2004. Only a few of the older models show up on adhuntr and the most being asked is $100. It is too old to justify paying $250 for it. Keep looking. You should be able to find something of similar quality (mostly fairly low-end components) for a lot less.

See the picture at this listing for a garage sale: It shows one with an asking price of $100

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