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Shadow722 06-09-14 03:47 PM

Anyone riding Orbea Aqua TSR
I am purchasing the Orbea Aqua TSR I put a deposit on it for the shop to hold it for me. I rode 4 different road bikes and it had the best fit for me. I think it is geometry related. The others were the same size on the stand over height but not on the seat to bars, but I couldn't use the drop bars comfortably on the others. I tried out 2 different Giants an OCR2 and a Defy 5 and a Masi Partenza. I wasn't too interested in trying out the Trek. I have a shorter inseam and longer torso than most people my height. I am 5'4" and 190 lbs. I am heavily muscled and have some body fat also. I ride up to 80 miles a week on a hybrid bike and ready to make the transition to something I can put a lot more miles in on. I want to lean down I have about 15 to 20 miles I can lose in body fat. I have tried many things to drop weight and have dropped it but it comes back. I figured a cycling could give me that edge to get it off and keep it off. I have got down to 172 lbs and seen my ab muscles, but they go back into hiding after a couple weeks.

Shadow722 06-09-14 04:03 PM

I found such little information about the Orbea but it felt better. I know the Giant Defy 5 got was awarded the best entry level bike but it didn't feel as good to me. The Masi Partenza felt better than the Giant but all the reviews I found were pretty bad. I couldn't find any good reviews. Orbea seems to be a good bike but there is so little out there for me to find on information and reviews, but what I could find was good.

rwings 06-13-14 06:42 PM

Wow, small world. I got my orbea aqua about 4 months ago. I am very pleased with it. I picked it for the same reason you did, the geometry of the bike feels comfortable for me. I had been commuting to work on a mountain bike. I went from 233 lbs down to 173 lbs. I got the orbea for longer rides and some day a century ride. Because we live in thorn country I put in thorn resistant tubes and tire linners. I have 500 miles on it and no flats yet.

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