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gnein 11-02-00 03:33 PM

is anybody out there?

hardcore_uni 11-11-00 05:09 PM

no, i dont think anyone is here

gnein 11-24-00 05:36 PM

crap, i wanted to talk

gnein 12-19-00 07:50 AM

why has everyone gone?
i`m lonely......please come back.

nickBMXr 12-28-00 05:37 PM

Never give up and u'll find someone!!!

hardcore_uni 12-28-00 11:25 PM

give up fool, the battle is mine

nickBMXr 12-30-00 06:06 AM

u've won the battle but i've won the war!!!!

hardcore_uni 12-31-00 02:33 PM

for now...

gnein 01-01-01 11:36 AM

hey the only reason you won is cause i didn't get invovled

nickBMXr 01-01-01 10:13 PM

So U Think
But don't forget, I was takin that fool on with one arm behind my back and hopping on one foot.....

I Will Defeat!!!!!!!!

gnein 01-02-01 02:39 PM

that's nothing
yeah........but i bet you can't even ride on one wheel!!!!



hardcore_uni 01-07-01 02:14 PM

alas, he is a bmxer

gnein 01-09-01 01:55 PM

ppffft.......petty two whellers......

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