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littleredcat 06-17-14 02:04 PM

Shifter Problem- Help!

I recently did my first bike update/ rebuild at my local bike coop. I've been really happy with my bike, but today the shifter stopped working. I have Shimano SL-TX30 Tourney 6 Speed Shift Levers on the bike and my rear shifter is suddenly stuck in the highest gear. I can move the lever just fine and the bike will shift just fine, but as soon as a remove my finger it shifts (very quickly) back to the top gear. It doesn't look like it's a cable issue (the cables are new though) and I don't see what else it could be, but I am really hoping the shifter didn't just quit on me.

Any ideas? Also- any ideas for a quick fix? I've got to ride up hill to an appointment in about 45 minutes and would rather not do it trying to hold my gear in place or mashing in the wrong gear...


dynaryder 06-17-14 04:17 PM

Sounds like the ratchet broke in the shifter. If the shifter is old,it's prolly worn out,if it's new,it's prolly defective.

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