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ItzMeDave 06-19-14 11:08 AM

Giant Fork Question - related to stolen bike
My 2013 Giant Defy Advanced 1 was stolen in Dec 2013. I have recently located forks from the same model on Craigslist about 60 miles from where it disappeared. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a serial# stamped on the forks that might correspond to the frame?

I have contacted the seller expressing interest and asking if the bike had been crashed but the forks were ok, and how many miles maybe on the forks. He asked me to call agreed to meet me at his workplace if I want to see them, cash only deal.

I did not call or reply and today he sent another email saying the bike was not crashed, but that he got a new frame that did not match the forks... guessing 500 miles on them. It all sounds shady to me, thinking it's from my stolen bike.

Any idea if they have a serial number? Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thanks so much!

Vexxer 06-19-14 11:25 AM

It was defiantly a 2013 model? I ask because the 2012 Defy Advanced had a recall for their forks, so this guy could be trying to sell the old ones or something... I dunno. As far as I know, there is no SN though on the forks.

ItzMeDave 06-19-14 11:31 AM

Yeah, def a 2013. I bought it brand new. It is the exact color scheme of my 2013.

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