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phantomcow2 03-27-05 08:10 AM

Pedros ice wax
Well the past few weeks it has been pretty dry so i thought i would give pedros ice wax another try, i did not like it before but i try to keep an open mind. They say it doesnt pick up dirt like an oil does, but i dont seem to have that luck. Am i doing something wrong? What is the proper way to put it on, do you need a lot? Ive heard people complaining it flakes, well I put it on and let it sit overnight, i cant even see it nevermind have any flake

clausen 03-27-05 09:44 AM

I just follow the directions on the bottle. Drip it on lightly, run the chain a dozen or more times, wipe and let dry. It does dry clear. Once you you start riding the wax portion blocks the the dirt turns black and start to flake off as it supposed to do. I've had know chain problems for the past 2 years since I started using it and will continue to use. The flaking issue is only concern on my road bike that is stored in my apartment do to my locker already being full of my other bikes and don't want the mess.

phantomcow2 03-27-05 09:47 AM

okay so you should not be able to see the wax when its all dry? And how much do you put on, do you need to be generous or just one little drop per rivet

clausen 03-27-05 06:15 PM

Yep clear when dry and 1 drop per rivet is more then enough, you will end up wiping some off.

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