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Amir R. Pakdel 05-29-02 10:33 PM

Spring rainy days over sunny days
Isn't spring rain a beautiful thing? I actually prefer it over the sunny days.

Unlike the dreaded winter rain, It's not cold, it's just wet. And it has this really nice soothing scent. Nowadays I feel much more refreshed coming back from a heavy spring rain than I would if it was sunny.

Cleaning the bike up after is a major pain in the ass, but almost worth it.

orguasch 05-30-02 06:47 AM

I can just imagine Amir, the weather in Vancouver, and it is really refreshing being drench by rain and its not cold, back in the old country, I, take to the street when it rains specially during summer, wow that is one thing I miss

velocipedio 05-30-02 07:37 AM

I hate rain on my road bike. It's not that I don't like the sensation of rain falling on me while I ride; what I don't like is the way it makes grit and muck get into my bike's drivetrain. After riding in the rain [as I did yesterday] I know that I have about two hours of work to do to clean and lube my bike and my GF's bike.

I also don't like the wau wet roads feel, particularly in places like Lasalle and Lachine, where they paint too many lines. It feels dangerous.

I don't mind rain so much when I'm on my cyclocross bike, even in cold weather, because I love mud.

hillyman 05-30-02 08:50 AM

As long as it's not a downpour with wind.!:D I always hope it doesn't rain when I take off on a ride,but most of the time when it does I have fun.Riding when it's snowing is great too.Glad thats a long ways off.SPRINGTIME YEA !!!

John E 05-30-02 09:15 AM

To me, ideal cycling weather is a heavy overcast with no rain. Mudguards and somewhat wide (at least 28mm) tyres make cycling in the rain much more enjoyable.

Rotifer 05-30-02 09:21 AM

Ahhhh, I agree Amire. We probably had similar weather the last couple of days. In addition it has been a bit muggy after the rain so everything is growing like crazy, the smell of blooming plants is intoxicating. Plus, the rain cools you off quite nicely. I will agree theat the turns can be funky on the road, though.

wabbit 05-30-02 10:57 AM

It's been rainy and warm and very humid the past couple of days- but who's complaining after the cold rainy s****y weather we've been having. The only thing I don't like is thunder and lightning- getting caught in it somewhere out in the boonies or near the water. Yesterday we got caught in a thundershower and spent 15 minutes in a stuffy bus shelter waiting it out. AFterward, though it was nice and sunny if humid, and of course I came home covered in guck. Still, far better than the cold miserable rain we had earlier.

ANd the weather looks great for this weekend's World Cup race!

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