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Metro 03-28-05 03:07 PM

Flight Deck button problem
I have a Shimano Flight Deck. The main problem I have, and you would think that I would have adapted to it by now, is when I grab the hoods for leverage on climbs, I frequently turn the computer off my accidently hitting the right button. I know that I should turn it on and go to secondary mode, where worse case scenario is I cycle through the functions and the computer is still on. Is there anything anyone does to solve thisl problem. I grow tired of putting hours on the bike, glancing down at the computer and wondering how many miles I have lost.

shokhead 03-28-05 03:11 PM

I cant turn mine off buy hitting the right hood button. It just cycles through the modes. Hit both left and right,it set everything back to zero.

Metro 03-28-05 03:21 PM

I ment "left" button. I don't have a problem with cycling through the functions. I just hate looking down and finiding out that the little "mph" is not flashing and wondering how long it has been disengaged. (If I ride 50 miles, darn it, I want to see 50 miles on the computer!!!).

Is there a solution. I have learned to put the computer in "secondary mode", but I don't do that consistently. I though maybe there was some other solution.

shokhead 03-28-05 04:50 PM

Be more carful. I just dont have that problem.

khuon 03-28-05 04:54 PM

I honestly also have never had that problem. I do leave the computer in auto-start/stop mode however. The only problem I have is forgetting to wake SC-6501 from sleep mode at the beginnning of the ride.

shokhead 03-28-05 06:14 PM

Yep,sure wish just a spin of the wheel would start it.

khuon 03-28-05 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by shokhead
Yep,sure wish just a spin of the wheel would start it.

It does if you have it configured into auto-start/stop however with the SC-6501 and SC-6502, you have to manually wake it up (press the A button on the back) if it has gone to sleep (not simply stopped). With the older SC-6500, a spin of the wheel would also wake it up in addition to auto-start. According to Shimano, the change was made to address the criticism of premature battery drain. I have both the SC-6500 (on my MTB) and SC-6501 (on my RB) and have yet to see a major difference in battery life between the two.

shokhead 03-28-05 07:25 PM

Know all that. I'm talking about going out in the morning and hoping on the bike and the computer gets going as soon as the wheel starts spinning. I think mine is the second year flight deck and as far as i know,it dont do that. I have to push the button on the back of the computer on the right sitting on the bike.

jaldridge 03-28-05 08:41 PM

I too have this problem a lot. I am at the point of ditching the cute chainring/sprocket display and going with the Cat-Eye dual sensor computer. I HATE having the blinking MPH go steady on me! As a backup, check the odometer before you start a ride; it doesn't ever stop, of course. - Jim

Metro 03-29-05 08:31 AM

From: Shokhead:

"Be more carful. I just dont have that problem."

I have no problem with the computer wake up. I check my bike out before I ride it anyway. It is just a matter of pushing a little button before pushing off. You want to put the computer in the right mode anyway, so how hard is it to push a little button on the back of the computer first?

Doc, it hurts every time I raise my elbow like this.......Don't raise your elbow like that.. That will be $50 for my consultation fee please. :)

John00 03-29-05 10:06 AM

I had this problem too, I put a rubber washer, the kind you put in a water hose, under the left hood and haven't shut it off by accident since. Been working fine for two years like this. A few times I had to reposition the washer but many.

2manybikes 03-29-05 10:16 AM

Well Metro, you have a lot of company, unfortunately. I like the answer from JohnOO.
I have just fiddled around with the hoods until the button did not compress so easily.
I have not done it, but this summer if I shut the thing off once on a century I will be trying to put an O ring or a washer around the button to make it less sensitive. Maybe even just a piece of a tube right over the button, under the hood, would make it less sensitive. Experiment a little, then post your results, I would like to hear what happens.

Metro 03-29-05 12:46 PM

Thanks guys. That's exactly what I am looking for. I did a 55 miler this Saturday past and was trying to follow the cue sheet. It's a lot easier when the computer mileage jibbes with the cue sheet. Also like you, when I ride 100 miles, I want to see 100 miles on the computer.

Short of moving the button to the underside of the brake hood, (Might be a good suggestion to give to Shimano), I will try the O-ring thing too. Thanks John00. Greatly appreciated. I will keep you posted.

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