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Crumb93 08-06-14 03:31 PM

Salsa Vaya 2 or 3?
Iím just getting into riding. Iím currently riding a Townie 7D, and Iíve come to conclusion that itís not really built for the distance that Iím riding; and Iíd like to move a little faster.

I want a solid bike at a reasonable price. Iím looking for something that will suit me now, and something that I can continue to grow into as my skills improve.

That said, with a little research Iím currently eyeing the Sala Vaya. I was settled on the Vaya 3, but my LBS informed me that the Vaya 2 is a Ďsubstantialí upgrade over the 3. He let me know that the drive train, and the wheels are much Ďbetterí on the 2. However, I donít really want to spend that much on a bike just yet.

At this point Iím a little worried that Iím going to get the 3 and itís going to fall apart or something. I want to buy a bike thatís going to last me a while. So is the difference that substantial? Is the 3 not going to perform due to these components? Are they going to wear out quickly? I want to make sure I'm not throwing my money away.

I know you probably see a lot of these threads, so I appreciate any responses. This is a huge deal to me.

knobster 08-06-14 04:15 PM

The components are better quality, but there is nothing wrong with the components that come on the 3. They certainly aren't going to fall apart on you anytime in the next few years. The 3 has Sora level components and I've had a touring bike with it that had countless miles on it and was a good 15 years old and functioned flawlessly.

I don't see any problems with the 3 model.

treadtread 08-06-14 05:05 PM

I'd buy the 3 - I like the green colour :)

hybridbkrdr 08-07-14 08:58 AM

I wish I could remember all the details but I did read that someone asked customers over several years their experiences with Shimano Alivio and Deore (probably equivalent to Sora and Tiagra). Deore apparently runs smoother when pedaling fast and does not need to be adjusted as often as Alivio. And the long distance cyclists on this site insist Deore LX (probably 105 equivalent) will last longer than Deore.

That being said, I don't doubt Salsa sells good bicycles but my own personal choice might be a bike like the Trek CrossRip with the Shimano Claris groupset and buy 8-speed Shimano Ultegra bar-end shifters from Chainreactioncycles.

Crumb93 08-07-14 03:41 PM

I really appreciate everyone's input.


I'll have to take a look at the CrossRip!

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