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catfish 06-01-02 02:24 PM

hot ride today
Club ride this moirning 45 miles fast paced hilly and windy at mile 36 i ran out of gas had no power so i found some shade cause it was hot rested about 10 milutes drank fluids then was able to finish strong. when i was on the way home inmy pick up i heard on the radio it was 93 degrees hotest day of the year so far no wonder the going was tuff. tomorrow another club ride 50 miles and the weather report is for the low to mid 50's what a differance a day makes.

nebill 06-01-02 05:18 PM

Got a little warm here in Nebraska, too. Two degrees cooler yesterday than the weather guesser said it was going to be..was only 101 degrees on the way home. And, 6 days ago, we had a rain and snow mix! Ahhhhh, the American midwest! Gotta love it! I started hydrating like crazy at work starting at noon, and still consumed 70 ounces of water on my 7 mile ride home! But, I had fun, and did it at my second fastest speed since I started keeping records! Gotta love it! Water is power, so drink lots, keep spinning, and have some fun!

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