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Sam 11-09-00 11:51 AM

Hey everyone- this BMX thing sounds cool. But I don't know much about it. Where is a hotspot for this nationally- although I am guessing the riders make their own hotspots. What are some cool tracks to ride on or some places you have found on your own. What are some of the best parts about BMX? Sorry if I sound like a goofball- I kinda am- bear with me!
Thanks in advance!

MadCat 11-09-00 01:25 PM

Scroll down
There's a bmx section down below.

Rich 11-24-00 07:27 AM

What ya Got?
Hi Sammy

Hang in there mate, what BMX do you ride....I used to have a Diamond Back Viper, but always wanted a PK Ripper...well, when I was 10 anyway. Good luck finding a hotspot, I usually find Urban riding a good laugh...


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