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LordOpie 04-06-05 11:07 AM

ISO: clip-on arm-rests. Such a thing exist?
I've been mixing up positions lately and have found grabbing the hoods and resting my forearms on the outside parallel part of my handlebars has been comfortable and effective. I'm exploring aerobars, but think what I really want is the shaped pads/holders from aerobars, but just them and attached to the outside of my handlebars and I'd continue hold the hoods. I hope I'm explaining this clearly.

do you know of a product that exists already? If not, perhaps you know a way to disassemble aerobars and attach part of them as described?


J-McKech 04-06-05 01:07 PM

I know excatly what your talking about. I ride the same way on a long climb or a long straight away. But I don't know of any extender arm rests for it.

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