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operator 04-06-05 01:36 PM

29.2km to near downtown Toronto. Gotta love satellite photosss. Line runs down Yonge st.

hi565 04-06-05 01:52 PM

Sweet, Straight line!

No thinking needed. :) I like the scribble actionin the location part. :p

Crashtest 04-06-05 02:07 PM

Wow! Commute straight down Yonge St? How's the traffic?

Ebbtide 04-06-05 02:08 PM

Is there an easy explaination of how to post that screen shot?

timmhaan 04-06-05 02:11 PM

i hope you didn't neglect your conversation with darien! i spent about an hour yesterday toying around with google maps. it's really cool.

lala 04-06-05 02:14 PM

I only see the red x.

operator 04-06-05 02:17 PM

Uh oh. Hold on.

powers2b 04-06-05 02:19 PM

Wow, your commute is in the shape of an X.

operator 04-06-05 02:21 PM

Keep yer panties on, it's fixed.

lala 04-06-05 02:22 PM

Thanks! I heart satellite photos.

rt_hat 04-06-05 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by Ebbtide
Is there an easy explaination of how to post that screen shot?

go to
type in your street, city and country in the search bar
click on satellite in the upper right to see the satellite pics

they might be a couple of years old though

HaagenDas 04-06-05 04:11 PM

Of course, according to google, America is the only country in the world :D

timmhaan 04-06-05 04:19 PM

did someone say something?? :p

Crashtest 04-06-05 04:26 PM

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Man, I love this! OK, here's my commute: 27 Km from Heart Lake area in Brampton to Square One in Mississauga. Unlike the original poster, I go out of my way to avoid traffic, so no straight lines for me...

operator 04-06-05 04:50 PM

Bet it took you a while to draw all those bends in!

Crashtest 04-06-05 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by operator
Bet it took you a while to draw all those bends in!

Yep, sure did. Then I wasted more time by trying to sharpen the image, which made it too big to upload, so I had to scale it down again...

How do you find the ride on Yonge? I think I'd be scared to try it!

operator 04-06-05 05:24 PM

Traffic is usually fine, the best days are when the traffic gets all backed up before Highway 7 all the way down to 401.

The section from around steeles to finch has a bus lane which you can ride on, but cars cannot. Only in effect during rush hour.

Only when you get down to eglinton and south do you get frustrated motorists and solid traffic.

If you biked on any big roads before, Yonge would be no different, just don't ride next to the parked cars on some sections. Door-o-rama.

If you do take Yonge, theres 3 large hills all the way up to finch. Quite challenging.

keayne 04-06-05 09:59 PM

hey operator,

How many bars you pass by on Yonge everyday? I was commuting in downtown Van, found out I won $500 in a hockey pool, at the local bar ( remember hockey?)...needless to say I was the only one leaving the bar in cycling shoes, red gore-tex fronted pants, a yellow MEC gore jacket, packing a helmut...I wasn't about to ride home, there was some strange looks when I exited past the bar line, I took a cab back home, with my bike in the back

darien 04-12-05 09:20 PM

..didn't hear from him for 50 minutes.


geneman 04-12-05 09:32 PM

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As long as we're having fun with Google maps, here's my house!


Crashtest 04-12-05 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by geneman
As long as we're having fun with Google maps, here's my house!


Hey - cut the grass willya?

geneman 04-12-05 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by Crashtest
Hey - cut the grass willya?


The guys 7 houses down from me is some kind of ba$tard with his super-lush, super-green lawn. He has a visible sneer on his face whenever he walks by my lawn.


PWRDbyTRD 04-12-05 09:49 PM

here's my commute...all 5 miles round trip

STEEKER 04-12-05 10:01 PM

This is sooo COOL I can see my house :D Steeker

Allister 04-12-05 10:16 PM

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Hey, those Google maps are cool. Pity they only cover N. America. I wish had smooth scrolling like that.

I just downloaded NASA's World Wind at home, which is ultra-neat as well, and actually does cover the entire world in various levels of detail. I can't quite see my house, but it gets pretty close.

Anyway, since this seems to be the game, here's my commute courtesy of whereis and paintshop pro.

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