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bandaidman 04-07-05 10:07 PM

weird weather in southeast
yesterday afternoon we got hammered by a strong band of storms from the west. the rotating low pressure area behind the front produced a strong band of storms from the south earlier today. my ride was cut short by hail :( . tonight we are getting hit from the north by bands from the same system.

this is the second time this week we have had the same pattern of weather

its just plain weird to have storms pass over the house from three different directions in less than 24 hours

not good biking weather to say the least

tulip 04-08-05 08:29 AM

I think it's called SPRING. I got drenched on my way home yesterday.

roadbuzz 04-08-05 07:06 PM

I was in Boone, NC last week-end. Saturday it snowed ~3 or 4 inches, wind gusting 20 or 30 mph. Sat nite gusts upwards of 60 mph. (As luck would have it for the collegiate guys, there was a road race in the area that day.) By Tuesday, temps were back in the 70s. :rolleyes:

hoodlum 04-09-05 07:21 AM

The weather is killing us in Raleigh this week.

BeTheChange 04-09-05 08:53 AM

I was in boone for that storm too (I live here). That crap was crazy. I had a friend doing that race you were talking about and I think he went for a little while and stopped because the conditions were just too bad.

FLBandit 04-09-05 11:49 AM

I'm in central Florida and we got hammered as well.

Travelinguyrt 04-10-05 08:53 AM

SoFLA got clobbered as well........rode my bike to the marina
Started out sailing in perfect weather, forecast favorable.
Winds @ 8-10 knots at start,clear skies, 45 minutes later they were up to 25-30 then the rain came, and COLD rain no warm spring thing, for a few minutes the sailing was wild, then it got dark and we decided to haul in sails.With only the foresail up we were flying
WE docked about 2PM and at 4,30 sunshine and not a cloud in sight, though cool enuf for a sweater

Glad I wasn't riding in it, at least we had hot coffee

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